Tuesday, June 28, 2011

DIY Ballet Bar

So my new workout addiction is The Bar Method - Designer Sculpting.  I have been doing aerobics and weights for awhile and I just started The Bar Method and I can already feel a difference.  In my 20's I use to do ballet bar work as my exercise and I have forgotten how well it works. Since this is my new addiction I decided I needed a ballet bar, instead of lugging the dining room chair into the office to work out. The bar was really easy to make.

4- 60in. 3/4th in. diameter pvc pipes
4 slip on 3/4th in. pvc end caps
4 slip on 3/4th in. pvc T-joints
2 slip on 3/4th in pvc elbow joints
* Rubber Mallet (Optional)

measure your pvc pipes and cut the following:
2 - 39 in. pipes (these will be the bar and support bar)
4 - 18 in. pipes (these will be the sides)
4 - 15 in. pipes (These will be the bottom feet)

Once you have everything cut begin putting it all together. I used my rubber to be sure the pipes were securely fitted into the joints.


  1. Thanks so much for posting this! I've been wanting a ballet barre for a long time now and haven't had money to buy one. This is so easy and cheap!!:)

  2. Just found this. Thanks! Do you remember how much you spent? I want my daughter to have a barre to practice ballet and I think this is a better option than attaching one to the wall (then having to readjust every few months when she grows three inches!). I will probably make it longer, though.

  3. My youngest is interested in ballet. I will have to make this for her. As a plumber, I'll have no problem finding the materials for this.